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IRA Immigration has the best PR visa consultants, Canada immigration consultants and tourist visa experts.

Canada Immigration.

Canada is an immense country. It is very diverse in its people, its landscape, its climate, and its way of life. To know more consult with Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi

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Australia Immigration.

Australia’s lifestyle reflects its mainly Western origins, but Australia is also a multicultural society which has been enriched by over six million settlers from almost 200 nations

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USA Immigration.

There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest economies in the world and is one of the most powerful nations today. The standard of living is outstanding and the number

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Study Abroad Student Visa Consultants

USA Student Visa.

Planning to pursue higher studies in the US? A very good decision. We all know

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Canada Student Visa.

Canada has a very good education system and has some of the best universities.

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UK Student Visa.

If you are keen to pursue your education in the UK then you have to apply for a

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Singapore Student Visa.

If you want to study in a country which is a perfect amalgamation of East and West

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Immigration and Visa Programs

What IRA Canada Immigration Consultants Offer

IRA Immigration consultants are one of the best PR visa consultantsCanada Immigration Consultants in Delhi & tourist visa consultants with specialisation in handling all types of visa and immigration procedures. We hold proud record in having served thousands of happy and satisfied clients with our exceptional professional services in the following:

  • Obtaining tourist visa to a foreign country
  • Obtaining visa to migrate abroad
  • Procuring and submitting all critical documentation for getting Canada visa, Australia visa and UK visa etc…
  • Providing expert guidance on IELTS score requirements for Canada PR visa & Australia Immigration
  • Lending assistance in applying for permanent residency abroad

Student Visa Consultants

Canada, the US, etc are some of the places where students aspire to go and pursue their higher studies. These countries have a very good educations system and some of the best universities. But to go to foreign countries as a student one will have to apply for the Student visa. For information about this visa, you can take assistance from ace Student Visa consultants like us.

Our team comprises tourist visa consultants & best immigration consultants in Delhi for canada, who offer immigration and visa-processing services for visas to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • US
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Germany (job seeker visa too)
  • Schengen (Europe)
  • New Zealand

Right from procuring the documents from you to submitting them at the immigration office, our PR Visa consultants and visa experts team would do it all for you. Don’t worry about our immigration consultancy service pricing too – it’s highly competitive and the best we can offer in the market. Trust us to be your perfect and best PR visa consultants and Canada immigration consultants in Delhi. If you have any queries related to the Canada immigration visa, Australia immigration visa, and tourist visa process you may consult with our best PR visa consultants, immigration consultants and Tourist visa consultants in Delhi.

Let’s Make Your Journey Easier with Best Canada Immigration Consultants & Visas Consultants.

Our best Canada immigration consultants & Tourist visa consultants in Delhi will get back to you within 24 hours in Mon – Sat / 10:00 – 18:00

  • Reputed Canada immigration consultants, serving the industry with highly experienced staff
  • Transparent advice about the Canada immigration process
  • MCA approved and ISO certified
  • Job assistance as per Canadian standards
  • Legal contract for complete process (without renewal charges and all refund clauses)
  • Experience of thousands of processed applications
  • 100% success rate (as we take only eligible cases)
  • 98% success ratio in rejected cases
  • 100% refund if any rejection after ITA (excluding GST)
  • 85% of our clients are through referrals or word of mouth
  • Post landing services (job assistance & SIN number etc…)
  • Pre landing services (IELTS coaching , resume building & job banks etc…)

Get your profile evaluated free of cost for both Canada express entry as well as PNP’s

Client’s Testimonials

I just want to thank IRA immigration for their outstanding service’s especially Deepali Bhatia who has been so much patient and professional in her services. Throughout the process, she was up to date and made sure to update me regarding the same.It was not possible without Deepali Bhatia to fulfil my Canadian dream.I am fully satisfied and recommend everyone to seek the professional help from IRA Immigration. Deepali is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I wish her all the best. Thanks a ton

Aastha Barthwal

I got my VISA interview dates only after consulting Sudhashu at IRA immigration. He had been very helping and responsible in getting VAC appointment dates. He was available on phone for all kind of VISA application related queries and suggestions. I remained satisfied of his efforts and work for getting scheduled date for my student visa interview.

Ambarish Kumar

About IRA Immigration Consultancy

We are IRA Immigration, one of the best immigration, PR visa and tourist visa consultancy services in Delhi, India that has been in business since October 2016. We understand that the desire to travel abroad can be quite exciting but the complexities involved in visa-processing formalities can sometimes put one off the whole idea. Therefore, we exist as the best PR visa consultants & Canada immigration consultants in Delhi to assist you at every step of the visa-procurement process.

We specialise in providing visa-processing assistance for Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, and New Zealand. In fact, our team of Best immigration visa consultants comprises dedicated and thoroughly knowledgeable professionals who’d be happy to answer all your queries with regard to getting visa for Canada, Australia and USA etc… What’s more, you needn’t worry about going through the hassle of visa documentation; we’re here to help!

What are we known for?

  • 100% transparency
  • Zero error work process
  • No PNP filing charges, add-on charges, or renewal charges when applying for Canada PR visa
  • 95-98% approval for tourist visas
  • On board immigration consultants with extensive years of experience in working with the Embassy and High Commission

We’re a trusted name in the industry of PR visa consultants and Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi, helping our clients achieve their dream of settling in the country. Besides, all our services are highly competent and also the most competitively priced in the market. We’d also be more than happy to tailor our services to your needs.

Get in touch with our Canada PR visa consultant in Delhi & Tourist visa consultants team today!

Why choose IRA Canada Immigration consultants?

If you are in search of the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi then it has to be IRA immigration consultancy. We are considered as one of the most reputed immigration and visa consultants of the National Capital and there are plenty of reasons for the same.

So, here’s why immigration aspirants prefer to choose our services!

We are a top-notch Immigration consultancy and we have been providing quality visa and immigration services from the past many years.
Our biggest strength is our team of professional Canada immigration consultants and other visa consultants who have complete knowledge about visa and immigration policies of countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, and the USA etc.
We are one of the most popular Canada immigration consultants and we have a dedicated team of visa consultants for Canada and Australia visas.
We have successfully assisted many aspirants to apply for the permanent resident visa in different countries like Canada, Australia, etc.

Take a look at the Canada immigration & visa services that we offer:

IRA immigration is a Visa consultancy that offers all types of visa and immigration services. Whether you need assistance for a permanent visa or you want to apply for the student visa of a country so that you can follow your dream of higher education from a foreign university or whether you want to visit a country as a tourist IRA immigration consultants is there to provide you with the best assistance.

Connect with our PR visa consultants & Canada immigration consultants right away!

We have our corporate office at Janakpuri in New Delhi. We provide all types of visa and immigration services.

Your search for the finest PR visa consultants & Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi ends with us. Share your profile with our visa experts and tell us about your objective for immigration and we shall ensure that you get all the guidance that you need for completing the visa formalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements to apply for Canada immigration?

The requirements to be eligible for Canada permanent resident program will depend on the visa category that one has selected. Skilled workers need to check the details of the Canada express entry program. This is a point-based system in which the profile of the candidate is given points based on the different factors. Depending on the points the profile is ranked. Higher ranking candidates have better chances of getting selected in the express entry draw. To know more you need to consult with the best Canada immigration consultants.

How long does it take to get a permanent residence visa to immigrate to Canada?

The time frame may differ from person to person. The county of origin, the visa category that has been selected by the applicant and all such aspects will have an impact on the time taken to get the PR visa. Keep in mind that incomplete application form, missing documents will delay the process. Normally it can take anywhere between a few months to around 2 years for an applicant to get the PR visa for Canada.

How Much do Canada Immigration Consultants Charge?

The charges will vary from Canada immigration consultant to consultant. It will also depend on the other aspects like the services offered by the consultant, the visa category that has been selected, etc. Candidates need to ensure that they focus on the quality of the services offered by the visa consultant. It is always better to pay a little more and get proper guidance from credible Canada immigration consultants.

What is the easiest way to get a Canada permanent resident visa?

Canada has come up with many different visa categories and this makes it easy for people from different backgrounds to apply for the permanent resident visa for Canada. For skilled workers, there are categories based on the point-based express entry system. If one does not qualify for the express entry system then they must explore the different Provincial Nominee Programs. There are many other visa categories. The aspirant must check with Canada immigration consultants to know complete details about the different Canadian immigration programs.

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Disclaimer: IRA Immigration consultancy is primarily an immigration, Canada PR visa and tourist visa advisory consultancy that offer consultation for world wide immigration options. IRA Immigration consultancy is not associated with any government authority or department of immigration and we don’t deal in any type of job or job assistance services.

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