Mobile Advertising success rate is always higher.

Digital advertising was a concept adopted after the popularity of the world wide web. It evolved further after the advent of smartphones. And it is said that mobile advertising is more effective than desktop or internet advertising. And it is found to be a whopping 30x more effective. No wonder the businesses are today spending more on mobile ads and are becoming more creative in this arena. What can be the reasons for this positive upshot?



The reason of mobile advertising higher success rate

  • Ad reach is higher- Ownership of mobile phones is higher so it is easy to reach a larger number of people via digital ads- here mobile ads.
  • Multiple touch points – Mobile phone advertising has many more options like missed call notification, SMS, MMS, billing touch points, visual voicemail and much more. The reach is one way via PC that is the internet.
  • Vis a vis ad possible – Personal ads sent only to the user can be more effective. The chances for response are higher in a one on one ad bringing in more awareness and leads.
  • Targeted ads – Mostly only a single individual uses a mobile phone. So, the ads can be targeted with regards to the personal interest of the user via mobile phones. These kinds of ads are more relevant and garner more eyeballs hence can bring in more sales.
  • On location – Mobile phones are most of the time on the move. Mobile phone ads can be targeted according to the user’s location like some pop-up ads on offers at a particular cafe or store whenever the user is found to be in the vicinity of such facilities. The local business benefits a lot out of this kind of advertising.

Some More Reasons For Opting Mobile Marketing

  • Impulsive buying syndrome – Easy payment methods like wallet and UPI available via mobile phones in recent times increases the scope of impulsive buying. A boon for the business community.
  • Interactive advertising – User response can be direct and this gives more chance for an increase in sales. The click to SMS, click to call and click to purchase are much more effective call to action buttons on the smartphones.
  • Opt-in nature- Usually mobile ads are sent via notification or via subscription for receiving the information on certain things like offers, availability of products and so on. This opt-in nature makes mobile ads more effective as they are sent on request from the user.
  • Act as triggers – Ads on mobile phones can be triggered by concurrent situations. This brings about real-time effect as most of the time they fulfill the real-life requirements. The response rates are high on such ads.
  • Ad blocks on PC – Nowadays most PC and laptop users use the ad blocks thus the visibility of ads on these devices is reaching a nadir so to say. But this facility is not available on mobile phones and brings in more leads when mobile ads are used.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of reasons. There can be many more why mobile advertising is becoming more successful in nature.

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